Angry Birds Movie Night Party Ideas

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Our family loves having movie and game nights as often as we can. We enjoy spending time together and I enjoy planning fun evenings. Our family night is always the highlight of our week. With the Walmart Family Mobile Plus plan we get a free VUDU movie rental ($7 value) each month which is awesome and something that makes our movie nights so much better because it gives us the opportunity to choose from more movies.

This past week we had an Angry Birds themed party. My little Angry Birds fans were so excited to watch this movie!

To start our Angry Birds party we played a couple games that we had in our game cabinet. We played a round of our Angry Birds card game and had fun trying to roll the right bird to knock out the pigs.

I had also pulled out our Angry Birds Telepods set we had received a few years ago. We hadn’t played it in a while so I used our new Coolpad Catalyst phone and the data from our plan to download the game from the app store.

I like the interactive nature of the game and how the toys can be played without the app as well. We used blocks to set up towers and then “launched” the Angry Bird character toys to try to knock the pigs off the blocks.

Since we still had a bit of time before the movie, we made a fun Angry Birds craft. We used craft pompoms and added googly eyes and construction paper beaks to make our own pompom Angry Birds. Though they didn’t look too much like the birds they were supposed to be, the boys had fun creating them and that’s all that counts, right?

Of course no movie night party is complete without something to eat and drink! First, we set up the table area and decorated it in colors of the Angry Birds characters- red, yellow, black and green (I had to look them up on my phone because I couldn’t remember what colors the main characters were lol). I covered a trifold board with streamers for the backdrop, used a green tablecloth on the table, and then set out plates, cups and silverware. To add more “themed” fun to the table, the boys and I added bird faces to some of the cups, put a few of the small Angry Birds character figures on blocks and also spread some feathers out on the table.

I served red fruit punch for the kids and fizzy lemon lime soda with colored ice cubes for the adults. To make the colored ice cubes I just put a couple drops of food coloring in with the soda in the ice cube trays and froze them. It was a fun, fizzy surprise when they were added to our lemon lime soda!

Food wise, I wanted to keep things simple so I chose to stick to finger foods and treats. For healthy choices I put together fruit and vegetable trays using black, red, yellow and green fruits and veggies.

I made the fruit tray with strawberries, green grapes, blackberries and pineapple and the vegetable tray with mini tomatoes, yellow peppers, black olives and cucumbers.

To make the cucumbers into “pig snouts” I sliced the cucumber and used a straw to poke two holes in the middle of the round slices. I think they turned out so cute and it was a fun addition to the vegetable tray.

Sticking with the “bird” theme of the day (and because I have been craving deviled eggs lately) we made “red bird” eggs for our party. Sinisa used the new phone and it’s data plan to look up a recipe online that he could follow and we then used food coloring to make the inside filling red, just like Luke’s favorite Angry Bird. The eggs were set on a plate of black feathers that we had laid a piece of saran wrap over. (While I loved them, I realized after watching the movie that “eating” eggs was probably not the right thing to do for an Angry Birds themed party lol. You’ll understand why when you watch the movie.)

For treats I made cupcakes, popcorn with red chocolate drizzle and candy sprinkles and chocolate covered pretzels.

The final touch was little glass jars filled with “bird food” (aka gummy worms) and “bird poop” (aka chocolate candies).

I love that the Walmart Family Mobile PLUS Plan offers Unlimited Talk, Text, & Data which includes up to 10GB of 4G LTE plus a free movie on VUDU every month ($7 value) per line for $49.88.* We love cuddling while we watch movies every week and this plan saves us money so we can watch even more movies!

New customers will also need to purchase the starter kit. You can start service on ANY plan today for $19.88 which is awesome! The phones are a great value as well. We bought our Coolpad Catalyst for only $59.88. (*Pricing Disclaimer: All prices for phones and plans included in this post are accurate as of the date of posting; however, these prices are subject to change. Please refer to or your local Walmart for current pricing.)

Walmart Family Mobile also has some fun in-store events going on. While shopping, look for the Angry Birds display. You can scan the Angry Birds code on the displays to unlock a selfie augmented reality experience with the Hatchlings (who are absolutely adorable by the way). You can also visit the hub to find an in-store event near you to meet with a Walmart Family Mobile rep. The event will have a code that you can scan to receive a free power up for the Endless Runner Game on the Angry Birds Action! app.

What will you do with the unlimited data? Maybe look up a recipe, download a fun game app, watch a movie trailer, upload pictures of your family fun night or find out who sings that song on the movie soundtrack? Whatever you choose to do you will appreciate the Walmart Family Mobile PLUS Plan and all the value and data that it offers your family!


  1. This would be perfect for my son! He absolutely loves Angry Birds it would be a fun party to have. His birthday is coming up soon so this would be a good one.

  2. Can I come to your house for movie night? It looks like a lot of fun. Your boys must have really enjoyed themselves.

  3. What a great way to take movie night to the next level. All the food looks so yummy.

  4. I just saw your post over on Pinterest! This is such a great idea – my son would love me for this!

  5. Dude, I want to party at your house – such an adorable theme with kids favorites

  6. I have never played Angry Birds. I think it looks real fun, but I have never played it. I also think the movie looks really funny.

  7. What a fun party! I would’ve loved to attend this one. I love finding ideas for themes for parties – my son’s 2nd birthday is coming and I cannot wait to plan his party!

    • Alicia Marie says

      I love planning birthday parties for that age! I think when my youngest was 2 it was either our Cars themed party or our firetruck one. There is so much to do at that age!

  8. My kids loved the new Angry Birds movie! These ideas are fantastic – what kid wouldn’t love this party theme.

  9. My kids would think I was the best mom ever if I threw them a party like this! Such fun ideas!

    • Alicia Marie says

      Yes! I think the party earned me “best mom EVER” status! I also think that letting them eat treats before dinner helped me earn that status lol

  10. I forgot that this was going to e a movie. That looks like it will be a fun viewing party, I love all of the creative snacks that you made for it!

  11. Reesa Lewandowski says

    So much fun food ideas! We love Angry Birds around here.

  12. My kids would love a Angry Birds themed party. We have a birthday coming up soon. Thanks for the great ideas.

  13. gingermommyrants says

    I love these ideas for a Angry Birds themed party. My friend is starting to plan her Son’s birthday party. I will have to share this with her.

  14. Ann Bacciaglia says

    The red cups turned out perfect. These are all great ideas for a fun party.

    • Alicia Marie says

      Thanks! I loved doing the bird faces on the cups and actually considered doing pig noses on green ones as well :)

  15. Lisa Bristol says

    Themed movie nights are always fun. We loved the new Angry Birds movie.

  16. We love this! WE’ll totally do this soon! Love these ideas!

  17. Janeane Davis says

    Themed parties are such a fun idea. I like the way you used cucumbers to make pig snouts. That was too cute.

    • Alicia Marie says

      Thanks! It was such an easy addition to the party but I love how it adds a bit more “theme” to the veggie tray :)

  18. Now this is one cool party! My girls love Angry Birds and would love to have a party like this!

  19. Stephanie (client) says

    This party has it all! Such fun snack ideas, too! I especially liked the pig snouts and the colorful ice cubes.

  20. If I had younger kids still at home, Angry Birds would be our choice! Such vibrant colors and characters!

  21. What a fun idea! I absolutely love that movie! Definitely going to throw a party like this for the kids!

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