Catamaran Adventures In Jamaica and The Turks & Caicos

While at Beaches Resorts in Jamaica and the Turks & Caicos I got to enjoy Catamaran rides. Catamarans are medium sized boats that have netting towards the front that you can sit on and look at the ocean beneath you. A huge thank you to Island Routes for these amazing opportunities!

I thought I’d share some of my favorite pictures from both excursions. This would definitely be on my “must do” list if I was traveling to the Caribbean again!

While in Jamaica, Jacob and I went on a catamaran that stopped near a cave and we got to swim into the dark cave and out the other side! We also watched people jump from a cliff into the water below.

Jacob relaxing on the catamaran


The cliff people were jumping from while we cheered them on


This is the cave we swam in. We went in the left side, went around inside and then came out the right side of it. This was good exercise since I had to pull Jacob along the whole time.


My little ham


Enjoying the sunny day

Our Turks & Caicos catamaran adventure took Sinisa and I to a private island and also stopped in the middle of the ocean for us to go snorkeling.

The Catamaran


Look at that beautiful water! This picture was taken when the catamaran pulled up next to the private beach.


Taken after we went snorkeling. Those yellow things in the water are people still snorkeling :)

Catamarans are a unique way to explore the Caribbean. Ours had some snacks and drinks as well as a DJ playing music. Here are my tips for enjoying the ride:

1) Wear lots of sunscreen!

2) Be careful walking on the net and do not run on it. I sprained my ankle trying to get Jacob away from the edge of the boat because my foot got caught in the net.

3) Try new things! Snorkeling, swimming in a cave, jumping into the ocean from the boat? How often do you get a chance to do something fun like that?!

4) Bring a coverup for your bathing suit. Once you’ve been in the water you will want to wear something over your suit while you cruise back to the island. That wind gets chilly when you are wet.

5) Bring a camera to get some pictures. Waterproof cameras are the best.




Beaches Turks & Caicos Debuts Key West Luxury Village

(Disclosure: I was invited to Beaches Turks & Caicos for the opening of their Key West village but all thoughts are my own.)

I was so excited to head to Beaches Turks & Caicos earlier this week. Not only was I headed to check out a resort, but it was the first trip that Sinisa and I have ever taken together without the kids. I love traveling with my boys but sometimes it’s just nice to get away and have some couple time ;)

This was my first time to the islands and my second time checking out a Beaches resort (see my thoughts on Beaches Negril here). The resort was only a 15 minute van ride away from the airport. The resort was gorgeous and well-deserving of the Six Star Black Diamond Award for overall excellence that was bestowed upon it.

I took hundreds of pictures throughout my visit, including many of the other three villages at the resort, so I’m just going to focus on the Key West village that we stayed at for this post. This new village at the resort features more than 150 suites and villas, three gourmet restaurants, private pools and more!

There was lots of outdoor space to enjoy. I loved that even though the resort was almost at full capacity, it didn’t FEEL like it was. Even the beach never got too busy!

Our room overlooked the garden space. I worked a few of the days we were there but I didn’t mind sitting in the room because it felt nice and airy, especially when the balcony doors were open and we had a nice breeze.

When we weren’t in our room or at the beach we were sitting by the pool or eating at one of the restaurants that overlooked the water.

Stay tuned for more about Beaches Turks & Caicos! It’s the perfect place for a couples escape or a family vacation :)