1 In 88 Is Not Just A Number {Autism Awareness Month}

(Update 4/26/2018: CDC estimate of autism prevalence increases to 15%. Now 1 in 59 children.)

(Update 4/2/14: The new numbers are 1 in 68.)

1 in 88.

That’s the new number that’s being given from the CDC.

1 in 88 children have Autism.

My son, Lucas, is one of those 88.

I see it when he plays as he lines up his cars and then gathers them into a pile.

I see it in his eyes as I desperately try to understand what he is trying to tell me.

I see it as I watch him contort his little mouth into a scream at what seems like nothing.

I see it as he spins around, on tippy toes, and moves his arms to the music he hears.

Know what else I see?

I see a little boy whose smile lights up the room.

I see a little boy who couldn’t be happier cuddling in the crook of daddy’s arm.

I see a little boy who will laugh with delight as he runs around outside.

I see a little boy who is just the same as he was before his diagnosis.

1 in 88 is not just a number.

He’s my son.

The same little boy that stole my heart the day he was born.


  1. Jennifer Fredrick says

    What a beautiful post! Thank you for sharing!

  2. Herminia fowler says

    Love your story. My daugther is one of the 88 also. She is four and a half and just got diagnosis. She does all the thing your son does too. She is a smart loving girl. God bless you and your family.

  3. Beautiful post and beautiful boy!

  4. What a wonderful post. I am so happy you shared it with us today. I bet both you and your son are such wonderful people. I would Love to met him as I think him and my son could become friends.

  5. way2goodlife says

    Such a a great post – XO

  6. shimmermeblue says

    Wonderful post! I just stumbled it for you :)

  7. What a beautiful picture of you and your son! Thanks for sharing your experience with Autism.

  8. Thank you for sharing!
    I am participating in a fundraiser to support autism awareness by donating 20% of any sales through my business.
    if you’d like you can share the post on my facebook page http://www.facebook.com/athomewithjesica

  9. This is beautiful. I hve known a lot of children diagnosed with autism and they are such sweethearts! I’m sure your boy is too!

  10. =) Love this.

  11. such a lovely post!

  12. maureen simiyu says

    Worderful post! thank you!

  13. Wow, staggering thought that it is so common now, and the numbers just steady rising. I had my suspicions about my son for awhile and sometimes still do but it may or may not be other things. Either way I hope answers are found for the masses about this and many other childhood diseases, diagnoses, and defects that leave us in the dark.

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