Tot School: Shapes

MONDAY (circle):

Craft- Caterpillar C

Song- Circle Song

Activity- Play with balls

Snack- Slice fruits and veggies into circles


Craft- Shape button collage

Song- Shape Song

Activity- Glue Tracing (with shapes)

WEDNESDAY (square):

Craft- Square Puzzle

Song- The Square Song

Activity- Build with blocks

Snack- Graham cracker squares


Craft- Shape Sponge Painting (cut shapes out of sponges)

Song- Shapes

Activity- Shaving Cream Play (Drawing Shapes)

FRIDAY (triangle):

Craft- Triangle Fish Craft

Song- This Is A Triangle

Activity- Find triangles around the house

Snack- Pizza Slices


  1. Giggly Girls says:

    Pizza and triangles are the perfect pairing. Love it!

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