Tot School- The 5 Senses


This week in tot school we are talking about the FIVE SENSES. I had so many ideas for this theme that I almost finished the lesson plan in about 20 minutes with just ideas that I had used in the past as a preschool teacher. A lot of these activities can serve multiple categories but I chose the one that made the most sense. I will definitely revisit this theme again in the future. (Please note: this post contains a few affiliate links.)


- Smelly playdough

- Color with scented markers

- Sticker art w/ Scratch n Sniff Stickers stickers

- Smelly tubes (film canisters work great for this… put scents on cotton balls, poke holes in the top of container, and have them smell)

- Bake cookies- smell them baking

- Smell fresh flowers


- Make lemonade- taste lemon, then taste sugar, then make lemonade and taste that

- Make a trail mix w/ different toddler friendly snacks- include sweet, salty, crunchy, soft textured foods

- Have salty pretzels for snack

- Paint with chocolate pudding

- Brush teeth with different flavors of toothpaste


- Mix paint and grains of sand to make a textured paint

- Make a sensory box (I’ve used rice, sand, beans, packing peanuts, etc)

- Touch and feel box (here is one I like: What’s Inside? Soft Feely Box)

- Texture collage- cut up pieces of various textured items and have child glue on to paper

- Water play

- Squishy bags (put paint, hair gel, or something else “gel” like in a ziploc bag…make sure to tape around the edges)


- Read a book about the 5 senses like this one- My Five Senses

- Rainbow art

- Decorate a “S” w/ string

- Take a walk and talk about what you see in nature

- Blow bubbles


- Play a clapping game

- Make a musical instrument (easy idea is put beans into an oatmeal canister)

- Play the drums

- Bubble wrap fun- put a strip of bubble wrap on the ground and let the child jump on it

- Dance to music

- Listen to music while painting



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  1. Amy says:

    I can’t wait to use some of these ideas with my daughter. She actually goes to preschool, but I try to do activities with her at home, too. Stopping by from Real Life Sarah’s Blog

  2. Ginger says:

    You sound like such a wonderful teacher. Your children will love this style of teaching… how fun!

  3. I am ready for school to start with great ideas like this …I’m ready! !!!

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