25 After School Snack Ideas

Thanks to Tampico for sponsoring this after school snack ideas post.

Back-to-school season is almost here which means shopping for new clothes and school supplies and getting back into routine. Our daily routine varies greatly depending on what sport or activity my kids have that day but one thing that is a given is my boys are going to walk in the door from school hungry. As soon as they take off their shoes and hang their backpacks up they head to the kitchen for a snack.

I like to have a variety of snacks available for them to choose from so I wanted to share a list of 25 after school snack ideas in case you all are looking for some more snack variety as well :)

After school snack ideas:

1) Apples (plain or dipped in peanut butter)

2) Trail mix

3) Pita chips and hummus

4) “Ants on a log” (celery with peanut butter and raisins)

5) Yogurt (plain or topped with fruit or granola)

6) Toast with peanut butter or jelly on it

7) Grapes

8) String cheese

9) Bananas

10) Popcorn

11) Cucumber slices

12) Cheerios

13) Cheese roll up or quesadilla (with salsa)

14) Carrot sticks (plain or dipped in ranch dressing or spinach dip)

15) Pretzels

16) Veggie straws

17) Red pepper slices

18) Cheese & crackers

19) Fruit kabobs (fresh fruit on a skewer)

20) Nutrigrain bar with fruit filling

21) Crackers topped with cream cheese and strawberry jelly

22) Strawberries

23) Graham crackers

24) Applesauce

25) Granola bar

My boys like having juice with their snack, especially when it’s Tampico juice drinks! The Tropical Punch flavor is their favorite. Every time we start to run out of it Lucas makes sure to remind me to get some more when he knows I’m headed to the store.

What after-school snacks do your children enjoy?


  1. You’ve got some terrific suggestions there. Some chocolate (candy or cookies) is my youngest son’s favorite, followed by string cheese then pretzels then grapes.

  2. We always make sure to have grapes in the house for snacking. In fact, frozen grapes are a family favorite!

  3. These are perfect and super easy after school snack ideas. I will most certainly be making some of this when school season hits!

  4. These are fun snacks to make for the family! After school snacks are always in demand around our house. There are so many healthy choices here. :)

  5. angie appoo says

    We start school next week so this post is so timely! I look forward to trying some of these snack ideas for after school.

  6. Reading all this is making me hungry. These are some really good snack for kids, I remember giving my kids lots of items from this list when they were younger.

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