St. Patrick’s Day Desserts


Enjoy these St. Patrick’s Day themed desserts I found around the web!

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Mint Chocolate Brownies


Rainbow Cake In A Jar


Shamrock Pretzels


Layered Cake


Shamrock Mint Oreos


Caramel & Chocolate Covered Marshmallows


Irish Car Bomb Cupcakes


Grasshopper Tart


Rainbow Jello


Shamrock Trifle


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  1. I think I gained 10lbs just looking at all those goodies!

  2. Frances says:

    I really like the rainbow cake in a jar. This is perfect for kid parties they will love the colors and their own servings. I have to admit that I love a good trifle and this one looks delicious. It looks really quick and easy to make as well which is perfect everyone’s busy schedule. I know I would add a lot of Creme de Minthe in the pudding layers to give it a real Irish flair.

  3. Molly says:

    These look delicious! Thanks for the idea…and the Sugar Rush!

  4. Kathi says:

    Trying to get the recipe for Shamrock Trifle and it’s not coming up.Domain is up for sale.

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