Tot School: All About Me

Jacob is 27 months old. This week (and probably the next month) will be light with activities as we pack and prepare to move.


Activity: Look at family photos and help Jacob point out himself in the pictures.

Craft: Handprints on paper (w/ paint)

Song: I Am Special


Activity: Point out body parts- focus on elbows and knees (body parts Jake is still learning to identify)

Craft: Footprints on Paper (color them and cut them out)

Song: Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes Song


Activity: Visit the library to check out books about this week’s theme

Craft: Make a “Jacob” placemat for the table

Song: You Are Special (Barney song)


Activity: Count fingers and toes

Craft: “J” is for Jacob (glue jellybeans to a letter “J” cut out)

Song: If You’re Happy and You Know It


Activity: Hokey Pokey dance

Craft: Lifesize Jacob (trace body on large paper and have child color it)

Song: Jesus Loves Me


-Point out the letter “J” whenever we see it

-Practice self-help skills


  1. Jessica says:

    How fun- we ended up doing a lot of similar things last week! :)
    Hope this week is going well for you too!


  2. How fun! I love spending time and discovering new things with my 28 month old. Through Letter Factory he already knows what most of the letters “say.” Fun movie then use puzzles to reinforce what he learns!

  3. This is a great lesson plan!!
    I’m borrowing all these great ideas!

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