Confession: I’m A Television Show Junkie

I am a huge TV junkie so when Netflix asked me to be on their Stream Team and write sponsored posts each month I of course said yes. I already used (and loved!) their service. For this month’s post I thought I’d share 5 TV shows I enjoy watching that you can find on Netflix.

1) Scandal: This show is amazing. Every time I think I know what is going on there is a plot twist that I did not see coming. The cast, especially the main character played by Kerry Washington, is fantastic.

2) Parenthood: This show about an extended family has brought me to tears numerous times. I think it’s a show where most people can identify with at least one of the characters and it covers deep subjects such as Cancer, divorce, and Autism. (I may be extra in love with this show because one of the main characters has Aspergers.)

3) Switched At Birth: I just discovered this show last month (just in time for the season finale) and I watched every single episode in about a week. I thought it was an interesting storyline and I feel like I’ve picked up a bit of sign language just by watching it.

4) Drop Dead Diva: The plot is really far-fetched (a model dies and comes back in the body of a plus-sized woman) but I like the realness of the actress and every week I sit and hope she ends up with the love of her (previous) life.

5) Pretty Little Liars: I’m not a teen girl! I swear! lol I don’t know why I enjoy this teenage show but I do. Every week I watch as the group of friends gets closer to the mystery of what happened to their friend and who “A” is.

I have also been adding shows I want to watch to my “to watch list” on Netflix. I am discovering all of these interesting shows I never knew existed! It’s been great :)

What are you watching this month?