How We Fill Our Home With Travel Memories

Do you love to travel? So do I! Traveling is one of my favorite things to do- whether I’m exploring a new place or visiting somewhere I’ve been a dozen times. I thought it would be fun to share about ways our family remembers our special vacations by filling our home with travel memories.

The first way is pretty obvious and that is with photos of our travels. I have four square collage frames and a half dozen smaller frames I use to display our photos. I set the picture frames on a cube shelf unit and hang the collage frames on the wall above it. Seeing my family’s smiles and photos of where we have journeyed to makes me extremely happy.

Another way I fill our home with travel memories is with three collections I have. I hang Starbucks “You Are Here” mugs above my coffee cart from places that have mugs for their state (This is a plee to Starbucks- please make a mug for every state! I seek out my Iced Caramel Machiatto wherever I am and am bummed when I go to states that don’t have mugs made for them. #FirstWorldProblems). A second item I collect on my travels is fun magnets to stick on our mini-fridge. I often find these at tourist stores or gas stations. A year or so ago I also started collecting Christmas ornaments for our tree at the holidays.

I also try to bring something home from every place I go- whether it’s my airplane ticket, sand from the beach, or a napkin from the resort’s restaurant. My memory is horrible since having kids but I have found that physical things jog my memory so it’s nice to have them. I plan to make a travel scrapbook in the near future.

The other thing I recently started with my boys is a map of their travels. I bought a cork board map and little push pins and every time we return from a family trip they add a pin to their map. Right now it’s looking a little empty on the West Coast but I hope a trip to California sometime in the next couple years will give them their first pin there :)

How do you remember your travels and fill your home with travel memories? I’d love for you to leave a comment below and let me know.



  1. I love the coffee mugs that’s such a good idea! I may have to get one next time i travel.

  2. aw, love the travel mugs! The little illustrations are so cute. It’s probably a good thing I’m not a coffee drinker, or I’d totally be tempted to start collecting ’em!

  3. Oh my goodness, how cool! I love that mugs idea… super-cute. Unfortunately, mine would consist of like five mugs, LOL

    • Alicia Marie says

      lol. Everyone has to start somewhere right? :) I’m sure you will travel other places in the future and be able to add on to the collection.

  4. This is such a great idea. I love that you collect all those mugs. My father collects those spoons with each state on them. I don’t travel much or I would love to collect something too.

  5. I love this idea for displaying your travel memories!! The coffee mug idea is super cute, and would be a fun conversation starter with guests as well!

    • Alicia Marie says

      Yes, that’s what I love about having my collections out. Travel is a great topic for conversation.

  6. I enjoy traveling and tend to take a lot of pictures. I love your collections especially the mugs.

  7. I love how you keep and display your travel memories! I also collect the Starbucks Mugs!

  8. I love what you have been collecting! We have state spoons, shot glasses, post cards, and t-shirts from our travels.

    • Alicia Marie says

      Those are all great ideas of collections! I used to collect post cards as a teen. I should find my old collection and start adding to it again.

  9. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your travel wall. I create photo books, but I’d like to display more so I can look at favorite memories each day.

    • Alicia Marie says

      Thank you! I hope to create photo books as well. It’s nice to look back on memories with family :)

  10. Very cool travel memories! We also have some items we get when we travel. We always buy a Christmas ornament and we have a map we put a pin in it to indicate where we’ve been.

  11. Seriously, darling ideas! Love the ideas of displaying photos and coffee mugs! What a great way to relive wonderful memories!

  12. Ann Bacciaglia says

    I love the magnets. It is important to get a memento from the places you have been. I like to collect coffee mugs.

  13. Those coffee mugs are so us! I LOVE that idea, as coffee lovers in our house!

  14. I love all the creative mementos you have. Most people just do fridge magnets, but you go so much further!

  15. Amy Desrosiers says

    Super cool! Looks like you have the Starbucks cups from a few states. I also collect mugs from different traveled states.

  16. Jenna M Wood says

    Those Starbucks mugs are pretty cute, I wonder how I’ve never seen them before! Thanks for sharing your family travel traditions!

    • Alicia Marie says

      I fell in love with them. The only problem is they don’t have them in every state which is a bummer.

  17. I’ve done so much travel that I wish I would have started a collection like yours early on in life! I love those coffee cups!!

  18. Coffee mugs idea is great …

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