Ten Things I LOVE


Since it’s Valentine’s Day I wanted to share ten things that I love:

1) My children’s kisses and the way they can make any day better

2) Working from home and making my own work schedule

3) Starbucks Iced Caramel Macchiatos with extra caramel drizzle

4) Sunny days

5) Not having to cook

6) A clean house {even though it usually only stays clean for a couple hours}

7) Wandering the aisles at Target

8) My DVR so I can record shows and fast forward through commercials

9) Having people in my life who I can confide in and share the trials and joys of motherhood with

10) To-do lists and organization


What things do you love?


  1. Great list! I also love a clean house (and agree that it never lasts very long) and my DVR (which is currently about full – I need to catch up on my tv watching.)

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