One Week

In the past week I have…

cleaned my whole house, washed massive amounts of laundry, shopped, ran errands, packed four people for vacation, spent over 30 hours in a car, ate too many cupcakes, made new friends, attended parties, rode a ferry, got a pedicure, went sightseeing in NYC, experienced disappointments, stepped out of my comfort zone, worried too much, connected with some awesome brands, walked all around New York City, got my haircut (twice), learned how to hail a cab, cried, introduced myself to random people, went on both a bus tour and a walking tour, tried new foods, carried around heavy bags of “swag”, got autographs, waited too long for elevators, ate delicious food, brainstormed a plan for a new blogging venture, obsessed over the #BlogHer10 hashtag on Twitter, learned to lower my expectations of others, took the subway for the first time, spotted Martha Stewart, told everyone how awesome the Chevy Traverse was, talked with some “big-name” bloggers, took lots of pictures, hurried from one place to another, made the “A” list, found myself on the “B” list, laughed till I cried, enjoyed late night chats, rode in a limo (twice), practiced forgiveness, won some fabulous prizes, survived on too little sleep, learned more about myself, and missed my family more than words can express.

This week…

I’M TAKING A BREAK. I’m spending quality time with my family and reviewing my goals, both personal and professional. I’ll be back soon with stories, pictures, reviews, and giveaways. I will also catch up on my giveaway “winner” posts and my overflowing email inbox next week. Thanks for your understanding :)


  1. Bless you! (hug)

  2. Great description and good for you to notice you need a break.

  3. Good post. Funny. Take a break now ;)

  4. Darn right you should take a break! sounds like you had a busy week! most importantly, you had fun, right?

  5. wow! I loved reading all this! So very inspiring! It makes me want to share a cup of coffee with you and let you tell me about the tears and the laughing… I’m leaving wanting more!

    I hope you get to rest now – no more laundry!!!

    your sis in the faith,

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