Christmas Pictures {Wordless Wednesday}


A few weeks ago we went to get the boys pictures taken with their cousins. Here are my favorite images:




Amusement Park Fun {Wordless Wednesday}

Lucas loves roller coasters!

These pictures are a couple months old but I was going through my online albums and realized I never shared the fun we had at the amusement park so I’m sharing a couple pictures today :)

Lucas loves roller coasters!


Jacob and Daddy

Jacob and Daddy

Wordless Wednesday: Official Awana Sparks Member

sparks membership card

Jacob was so excited to get his Sparks membership card at Awana last week! They do little award ceremonies so he got to go up there on the stage and then everyone clapped for him :)

My Little Basketball Player {Wordless Wednesday}

basketball 3

Wanted For Causing A Stampede {Wordless Wednesday}


(Disclosure: I received free tickets to Dixie Stampede where this picture was taken but I purchased this picture with my own money.)

Jake & Luke’s First Acting Audition {Wordless Wednesday}

wax museum

Can you guess which child probably wouldn’t have gotten the job?

(Disclosure: I received tickets to the Hollywood Wax Museum in Branson, Missouri but purchased this portrait with my own money.)

We Remember

we remember

Above is a picture I took at Ground Zero in the Summer of 2010

My Little Love {Wordless Wednesday}

luke in sunglasses

Luke loves wearing these sunglasses and wanted me to take a picture :)

Wordless Wednesday: Slushie Time

slushie time

Enjoying a slushie after a hot afternoon of playing at the park.

Wordless Wednesday: Jacob Turns 5

Jacob's birthday treats

Jacob’s birthday was June 4th. Can’t believe my little boy is 5 years old already! Here are a few pictures :)

Jacob’s birthday treats


Jacob with one of his gifts. These Imaginext toys are kind of expensive but I found a bunch of used ones cheap and Jacob doesn’t know the difference :)


Jake is really into cars lately. This was one of his gifts from his Nana. He’d been wanting this set for months.

Wordless Wednesday: Happy Little Boy

Jake smiling

I can’t believe this cute little face is headed off to Kindergarten soon!

Build A Bear {Wordless Wednesday}

build a bear

Soccer was cancelled the other day due to rain so we headed to Build A Bear to pickup their Autism Awareness Bear. Lucas and Jacob each wanted something different so I got the bear we went for, Lucas got a pink one with a My Little Pony outfit, and Jacob got a white bear in an Iron Man outfit.


Lucas loves cuddling with his stuffed friends!

(Disclosure: This is NOT a sponsored post :) Thoughts are my own.)

First Soccer Practice {Wordless Wednesday}


This past Saturday was the first soccer practice of the season and Luke’s very first time playing a sport. Last year he had to watch Jacob have all the fun so this year he was so excited to be able to participate.

I didn’t get many pictures of them playing since they were far away. I’ll have to get some better ones next week.

Easter 2013 {Wordless Wednesday}

easter 4

I hope all of you who celebrate Easter had a wonderful one. Here are some of my favorite pictures. Finally pulled out my Christmas gift to use so I got some decent, non-cell phone pictures to share!






Silly Glasses {Wordless Wednesday}

silly glasses

Bunkbeds! {Wordless Wednesday}



Look how tiny Lucas looks in his new bed! The boys were so excited to pick out their bedding at the store. Jake chose Avengers and Luke chose Spiderman.

Luke In Mommy’s Sunglasses {Wordless Wednesday}

luke w sunglasses

First Real Snow Of 2013 {Wordless Wednesday}

snow day 2013 2





Little Gardener {Wordless Wednesday}


First Bath {Wordless Wednesday}

jake 1st bath 2


 It’s so fun looking back at pictures of when my children were babies! I remember giving Jacob his first bath and being so worried about how fragile he was. Nowadays I have to worry about the boys jumping around in the tub and not hurting themselves as they giggle with each other! What a difference a few years make :)

Little One In Overalls {Wordless Wednesday}

Lucas in overalls as a baby

Lucas in overalls as a baby


My Little Blue Eyed Boy {Wordless Wednesday}

blue eyed boy

Messy Faces {Wordless Wednesday}

ww spaggheti

These pictures are from 3 years ago. Love their little messy faces!


Cousins {Wordless Wednesday}

cousins Christmas 2012

After a whole bunch of pictures this was the best shot we got of these 5, 4, and 3 year olds. Aren’t they all adorable in their little outfits? :)

My Little Chocolate Monster {Wordless Wednesday}

Love this picture of Lucas trying to devour a candy bar without unwrapping it first! He loves chocolate as much as his mommy :) lol

Love this picture of Lucas trying to devour a candy bar without unwrapping it first! He loves chocolate as much as his mommy :) lol

Indoor Snowy Fun {Wordless Wednesday}

snow in sink

No snow here in Chicago and I don’t have any recent pictures that don’t have at least one child moving so I decided to share this picture from 2010 of Jacob playing in the snow indoors. This is such a fun way to play with snow on super cold days. I put it in a sink but you can use a large Rubbermaid container or put it in a clean bathtub.

To make indoor snow play even more fun you can hide things in the snow for your child to find or color the snow with colored cold water in a spray bottle.

Have fun! :)

Christmas 2012 {Wordless Wednesday}

Boys in front of the tree Christmas morning

Christmas Eve: Leaving cookies for Santa


Lucas taking over the gingerbread house decorating


Boys in front of the tree Christmas morning

My Little Santa Claus {Wordless Wednesday}

santa and frosty

I was going through pictures from past years and came upon this one from 2009. My youngest, Lucas, is Santa Claus and my brother’s youngest, Madelyn, is Frosty! Aren’t they adorable!?

Kissy Face {Wordless Wednesday}

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Thanksgiving {Wordless Wednesday}

Cousin Sandwich!!

Brothers in their matching outfits


Cousin Sandwich!!